Bottom Seals

Bottom seals

Most stock products have Star Seal, which offers the strongest support and leak resistance. Heavy duty or specialty custom products can be made with Gusset or Flat Seal.

High Performance Star Seal

  • Most common type
  • Eliminates gaps where leaks can occur
  • Distributes weight evenly
  • Maximizes carrying capacity
  • Sized in two dimensions, EX: 38 x 58
High Performance Star Seal

Flat Seal

  • Potential to leak liquids from the corners
  • Do not conform as well to the shape of can
  • Sized in two dimensions, EX: 38 x 58

Gusset Seal

  • Flat-style bag design
  • Both sides tucked in to form gussets
  • Sealed through four layers of film (the middle of the bag has only two sealed layers)
  • Sized in three dimensions, EX: 23 x 17 x 46